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Motorized Shades-the most Convenient Shades



Being able to control the light in a room is useful as well as it adds much to the ambiance. Light control is important in both the home as well as the office. The easiest way to adjust the lighting in a room is by installing window shades or blinds. However, if you have large windows that are located on the south side of the building, you will most likely spend a lot of time trying to open and close the shades which will be a daunting task, especially on ample windows. To deal with this, many people are opting for motorized blinds. Motorized shades play an important role in protecting your room from heat transfer as well as from exposure to the UV rays, as well as they assist in protecting your privacy.


Heat transfer is the primary reason why homeowners and businesses prefer the use of motorized shades. A motorized blind can be programmed to open or close according to the sun's movement across the sky.  Motorized curtains can help you in a big way to save on the utility bills.  By using the motorized blinds to prevent a room from heating up during summer, you will not need to pay for an air conditioner to bring back the room to normal and comfortable temperature.


This type of roller shades ny is also extremely helpful especially when they are placed on windows that are too high to be easily accessed. In this instance; a motorized curtain can make all the difference between comfort and discomfort due to temperature fluctuations in the room. Motorized shades can also be used in the winter, they work in the opposite of the summer days by allowing sunlight into the room during the day to heat it up , and hence saves on the heating costs.


Motorized blinds help in preventing damage by the harmful ultraviolet rays on both the people and property in a room. When the rays pass through the glass, they are not filtered, and if you happen to be seated near a window, they may cause some harm to your skin. If you have any artwork that is delicate in your house, it is with time going to become marred due to the continued exposure to the ultraviolet rays.  Only a motorized blind can prevent all this from happening. Know more about window shutters in


It is possible for you to customize and program your somfy shades ny to open once you step in a room. This acts as a security measure to ensure that no one has gained access to your home. The curtains also offer you with some privacy from the street hence reducing any chances of theft.